Documenting a Bangalore Home Renovation Project

The Journey of a Space: Documenting a Bangalore Home Renovation Project


Renovating a home is like telling a story. Each space, each choice, each design element narrates a tale of change, transformation, and personal taste. In the heart of Bangalore, a bustling city known for its blend of modernity and tradition, we embarked on a home renovation project that not only altered the physical spaces but also captured the essence of the homeowners’ personalities and lifestyles. This blog documents the journey of transforming an old Bangalore residence into a modern, functional, and aesthetically pleasing home.

Chapter 1: The Vision

The project began with a vision. The homeowners, a young couple with a love for contemporary design mixed with traditional Indian elements, wanted their home to reflect their vibrant lifestyle. They desired a space that was not just modern and chic but also warm and inviting. Our challenge was to merge these elements in a cohesive design that felt both fresh and familiar.

Chapter 2: The Blueprint of Change

Our first step was to create a blueprint that outlined the structural changes needed. The kitchen was to be expanded, the living room needed to be more open and airy, and the bedrooms required a touch of personalization. Each space was reimagined, keeping in mind the functionality and the aesthetic appeal.

Chapter 3: Tearing Down, Building Up

The renovation process is always chaotic yet exciting. Walls were torn down to create an open-plan living area, and new partitions were erected to carve out additional space in the kitchen. This phase was about transforming the old layout into a new, more dynamic one, ensuring that each area was utilized to its fullest potential.

Chapter 4: Infusing Life with Colours and Textures

Choosing the right colour palette and textures was crucial. We opted for warm, neutral tones for the walls, accented with bold, vibrant colours in the furnishings. Traditional Indian fabrics were juxtaposed with modern furniture pieces, creating a unique blend that was both eclectic and harmonious.

Chapter 5: Personal Touches

Personalization played a key role in this project. Custom-made artwork, family photographs, and handpicked decor items were strategically placed around the house. These elements brought a sense of identity and warmth, turning the house into a home.

Chapter 6: The Final Reveal

After months of hard work, the renovation was complete. The result was a stunning transformation. The open living area, with its mix of modern and traditional decor, became the heart of the home. The kitchen, now spacious and equipped with modern appliances, was a culinary haven. The bedrooms, each with its unique character, offered comfort and tranquillity.



This Bangalore home renovation project was a journey of transformation. It was about creating a space that not only looked beautiful but also resonated with the lives of those who lived in it. The project highlighted the power of interior design in telling a story – a story of change, of personality, and of a home that truly reflects its inhabitants.

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