Water Proofing Work

Best Water Proofing Work in Bhubaneswar

Water Proofing Work in Bhubaneswar

SVE Groups Waterproofing processes are designed with maximum efficiency to ensure your buildings are protected from corrosion and concrete deterioration. We provide guaranteed ISI-certified waterproofing solutions to external & underground structures.

We are regarded as trusted waterproofing contractors in Bhubaneswar and waterproofing design specialists for all types of construction.

We understand waterproofing is a fundamental aspect of a building structure’s strength. It is important therefore to resist surface penetration and water pressure by applying the appropriate waterproofing solutions.

Structural Waterproofing is the first line of defense and we offer cost-effective waterproofing systems certified by ISI as per Indian standards.

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    Stages of Water Proofing Work

    Waterproofing work in Bhubaneswar will be done in stages to make sure we complete the project as planned and well within the timelines. Below is a step-by-step process followed by the SVE group for waterproofing services.



    Waterproofing starts with inspecting the property and analysing the type of material used, quantity and suited application time.


    Client Approval

    Once the materials are shortlisted we seek your approval to proceed with application of waterproofing for your building


    Booking Agreement

    During this process, we finalise the price with complete transparency 



    Start Date and Advance

    We then select a suitable start time depending on your availability and will start the work soon after receiving the advance payment


    Project execution

    This stage includes everything such as procurement of raw materials, assigning labour force and implementing waterproofing process



    Once Execution is completed all the creative planning and design takes life, the project is finally handed over to the client.

    How SVE Group Water Proofing Work is Different from Others

    Make sure your building remains water-resistant. This is what differentiates the SVE group from all others. We believe in providing quality Waterproofing Services in Bangalore that are unique, stylish, and affordable.

    Your waterproofing project is handled by a certified Civil Engineer at every stage. This is our Promise.

    Water Proofing Works Specification


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Waterproofing process is applicable pre-and post construction. One can also do waterproofing for existing buildings if you observe any corrosion

    Total cost of waterproofing depends on the factors such as area, type, materials etc. To get a Free Inspection and quote call our experts today

    We provide 100% manufacturers warranty and all our products are ISI certified

    Yes. Waterproofing is very important for any building. If ignored over a long time, this may result in building collapse.

    Things Make us Different

    Quality of finish

    We only use branded materials that last longer giving you best value for money


    We use latest technology and tools to get best outcome for all the projects


    All Projects are monitored at each step to make sure we deliver on-time as promised


    We provide complete transparancy at every step of Projects (progress, payment, material purchase)


    SVE Group is flexible to work as per your convenience and time slots available for work


    Affordable services No additional cost once the project is finalised we stick to our commitment

    What Our Clients Say About Us

    SVE Group’s waterproofing contractors in Bhubaneswar provided effective solutions to protect my property. Their professionalism, coupled with in-depth knowledge, instills confidence. I trust SVE Group for any waterproofing requirements.


    Choosing SVE Group for waterproofing in Bhubaneswar was a wise decision. Their thorough and professional approach ensures peace of mind. I recommend their services for anyone seeking reliable waterproofing solutions.


    Thanks to SVE Group, my home is now waterproof and safe. Their waterproofing services are reliable, and the team ensured a thorough job. Peace of mind during the monsoons. Highly recommended!


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