UPVC Window Work

Best UPVC Window Work in Bhubaneswar

UPVC Window Work in Bhubaneswar

UPVC windows are a simple choice for everyone who is looking for quick and easy window installation at their home and apartments. UPVC windows are designed with highly resistant metal so they are strong, robust and secure. There are wide range of styles and options to choose from, there is an option to suit all properties.

We take care of the procurement and installation of UPVC windows for residential and commercial projects with complete transparency and high quality. 

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    Stages of UPVC Window Work

    There are multiple stages for Installing UPVC windows at your premises.



    Our Experts review your property and identify the type, size and quality of UPVC windows required for your building


    Package Sharing & Client Approval​

    We then share custom packages with you base don your budget and specifications


    Approval & Booking Advance​

    We require your approval and advance payment to start the project as soon as possible.



    Project execution​

    After Design Approved then project execution start. This stage includes everything such as procurement of raw materials, assigning labour force and creating the masterpiece.



    Once Execution is completed all the creative planning and design takes life, the project is finally handed over to the client.

    How SVE Group UPVC Window Work is Different from Others

    SVE Group offers unique designs based on customer expectations and works with Full Transparency. This enables us to build trust with our clients before we even start working on the project.

    Once the price and specifications are finalized, we do not give any additional surprises. We just focus on delivering our promise with high quality and on time. This is the unique differentiation that stands apart from the rest of the competitors.

    UPVC Window Works Specification

    construction contractors

    Frequently Asked Questions

    UPVC windows come in standard sizes, it is advisable to know the sizes before construction process to avoid re-work

    The cost for UPVC windows varies depending on size, quality and style. Book a free consultation with us today to know the estimation for your project.

    You will receive 100% Manufacturer warranty for all the ISI mark UPVC windows

    Things Make us Different

    Quality of finish

    We only use branded materials that last longer giving you best value for money


    We use latest technology and tools to get best outcome for all the projects


    All Projects are monitored at each step to make sure we deliver on-time as promised


    We provide complete transparancy at every step of Projects (progress, payment, material purchase)


    SVE Group is flexible to work as per your convenience and time slots available for work


    Affordable services No additional cost once the project is finalised we stick to our commitment

    What Our Clients Say About Us

    The installation of UPVC windows by SVE Group in Bhubaneswar added a touch of modernity and energy efficiency to my home. The team’s expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a reliable choice for window solutions.


    SVE Group’s UPVC windows in Bhubaneswar showcase quality installation and a modern aesthetic. The team’s attention to detail and professionalism make them a go-to choice for window solutions.


    SVE Group’s UPVC windows in Bhubaneswar exceeded my expectations. Energy-efficient and stylish, they added value to my home. The installation process was smooth, and the results are fantastic!


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